Osama bin Laden Mini-Post

Yahoo! released some interesting statistics about searches related to Osama bin Laden’s death. I was especially interested to see that teenagers were more likely than people my age and older (I’m 23) not to know who bin Laden was. My interest is probably due to the fact that I came of age during the War on Terror, and I just assumed that Osama bin Laden was still a household name.

Related to bin Laden’s death, Dahlia Lithwick has a piece at Slate about how it doesn’t matter whether or not torture led to his capture — it’s still wrong. My perception has been that in the few days since bin Laden’s death, there’s been a slight resurgence in the sort of hyper-nationalism that was commonplace in the years following 9/11.

Almost as soon as the death was announced, people were trying to profit from it (see, for example, items in zazzle.com’s “Bin Laden Dead Gifts” category). I’m pretty sure I heard about this on NPR, although I couldn’t find a link to the story. Some of these “gifts” are pretty jarring.

Lots of people have, including me, have mixed feelings about whether or not it’s OK to celebrate the death of bin Laden. I don’t think it’s acceptable to revel in a person’s death, but I also didn’t lose anyone on 9/11.


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